An Ode to the Man Christ Jesus our Lord


Many have attempted to capture in words, the glory and the person of our Lord Jesus Christ; I, by the help of the Spirit of God, have tried to describe the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ in this poem I call An Ode to the Man Christ Jesus our Lord! He is the divinity that put on humanity so that humanity can ultimately put on divinity! Enjoy and be blessed. Remember to share and also send in your comments!

I AM…The Boundlessness of Eternity

Labyrinth! Puzzle! Àdìtú Olódùmarè! Mystery! Àríìró àlá!

Who shall unlock this Ancient Being, Ajáde ma tan nílé?

Who had been from dateless eternity!

Who is unfathomably older than immemorial agelessness!

The ‘I AM’, Who was, when time had no definition, description or expression!

The ‘I AM’, Who is, when time was birthed!

The ‘I AM’, Who is to come, when time shall dissipate into the vastness and boundlessness of eternity and be no more!

I hail the One Who embodies and wraps Himself with the seamless garment of eternity!

Designed and woven with the fabric of indestructible life!

How shall we decode and solve this indecipherable divine equation?

Whose Answer gives meaningfulness to creation!

Whose thought alone gives the dragon a pounding headache!

Putting his infernal hosts into chaotic disarray!

Causing the angelic host to pant and peal out the ceaseless holy, holy, holy anthem!

In the constantly unfolding indescribable glory of His majesty!


The Finality of Counsel and the Totality of Wisdom

Who is He standing by the Father?

Giving Him the counsel of Himself?

Instructing Him with His inherited stature!

Through Whom and by Whom all things were made!

Who alone upholds and sustains all things by the Word of His Power and the Power of His Word!

He is the summation of Judgment!

The epitome of Righteousness!

He is the finality of Counsel!

The totality of Wisdom!

He is the embodiment of Redemption!

The accuracy of Sanctification and Separation!

Pátápátá parí Olá! Àìkú! Àìşá! Àìdíbàjé!

Eni Ńlá tí nş’ohun Ńlá! Arúgbó Ìgbàanì!

Whose counsels of old are faithfulness and truth!

Whose name is Salvation and Safety!

Àpèèpètán! Olórúko Ńlá!

Yahweh! Elohim! Yeshua Al-Mashiah!


The Uncommanded Commander of the Commanded!

The prophet cried, ‘who shall declare His generation?’

How can they declare His generation without first declaring Him?

Hail the Mystery no one can declare!

Hail the eternal Majesty who only can declare Himself through His Spirit and His holy apostles and prophets!

Who chose to hide Himself in the bosom of the Immortality dwelling in light!

Who Himself embodies the declaration of the Father!

The declaration of Deity and Divinity to humanity!

The uncommanded Commander of the commanded!

The Second Man, the Lord from heaven!

The Holy Child Jesus, who is both Lord and Christ!

The Lord our King!

The Lord our Lawgiver!

The Lord our Judge!

The Heir and Executor of divine will!

The Son, the full expression of Yahweh!

The Ancient Mystery of heaven!

In whose light and sight alone, we can declare the Father!

The One who clothes Himself with the mystery garment of blinding light within and thick darkness without!

The Immortal, Invisible, the King of kings and Lord of lords!

The only Potentate! The Sovereign white-haired Judge!


Spiritual Concoction of Heavenly Decoction

Who is this Christ Jesus the Man our Lord?

Tell me! Who is this spiritually compounded and anointed Priest of life?

Let me attempt a description though far from who He really is!

He is the skilled Manager of hearts!

The divinely endowed Administrator of souls!

The cathartic and fiery Purger of dead consciences

The skilful begotten heavenly Carpenter, who can perfectly chisel the Father’s image on any soul, no matter how hard!

The spiritual concoction of heavenly decoction, our mystery drink!

Who, in the laboratory of God, identified, demystified, declassified and demythologised death,

And brought life and immortality to life by His spell – the good spell, the God’s spell powered by resurrection!

Which quickened us from trespasses and sins we were drowned and dead in!

And turned us into another man, the New Man in Christ Jesus!

By His eternal Blood that speaks better things than the Abelic blood!


Shape of Things and the Power of the Age to Come

Hail the Prince of life!

Hail the Manager of souls!

Who knows just what to touch, adjust and tamper with!

To make a soul palpitate, pulsate and vibrate with the live currents of eternal life!

Our High Priest of Good things to come!

The Shape of things to come!

The Power of the Age to come!

The Architect of the New Heaven and the New Earth!

The Pivot and Centreport of all things!

The Embassy of life eternal who only issues Visas into the City behind the veil!

The Eternal Glorious Fountain gushing water and blood for cleansing and perfection!

The Living and the Abiding Word of the Father!

The only Matter and the prescribed Manner of the True Kingdom!

The Wisdom and Power of God!


Praise Looks Good on You

How can we pay back what you have done for us in redemption?

How can we describe what you have offered us in election?

Words will fail to describe this commission of perfection!

The glorious wonders and blessedness of salvation!

What can we offer to match the manner of love you have lavishly shed upon us by your Blood?

We stand amazed in the presence of the Holy King!

We worship and bow in awe of your majesty!

Praise looks good on you! We deck you with our praise!

The four-faced Entity of the throne!

The true Lion King! The Servant! The Man! The Son of the Living God!


To God be the Glory in the Church by Christ Jesus

On earth, men observe one-minute silence for the dead!

But in heaven, there was a thirty-minute silence for the One Who was dead but now lives forevermore!

Who authored the Book of life and sealed it with the seven seals of redemption, the seven spirits before the throne and the seven eyes of the Lord!

Who alone is worthy to open the closed Book!

The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world!

The Incarnate of Meekness, Humility, Tenderness and love of the Father!

The Trustee of Trinity!

The hope of mankind for rest!

The hope of God for rest!

The envy of the angelic host!

The Darling Beloved of the Father!

Worthy is Your name!

To God be the glory in the Church by Christ Jesus!!!

Let the saints shout for joy!

Amen! Amen! Amen!



You can also see, with the help of the Spirit, into the inner nature of our Saviour and write a eulogy unto Him. You can share that here as the Man Christ Jesus our Lord is exalted forevermore! You can also read this interesting post on Being Shaped by the Voice of Wisdom.

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